Arkansas Donor Family Quilt Guidelines 

An Invitation to Donor Families

The Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Agency invites you to participate in the making of the Arkansas Donor Family Quilt. We already have two Donor Family Quilts completed, and we are in the process of completing our third quilt. It will be dedicated to the memory of those who gave the Gift of Life. Each square incorporates pieces of memories into pieces of materials to commemorate the love and the life of your loved ones. The quilt will be displayed statewide, and at media related events to help spread the message of organ and tissue donation, and to keep alive the memory of those who gave.

Requirements for all Quilt Squares:

  • Squares should be cut into an at least a 10 X 10 inch square.
  • Finished size for the quilt squares will be 8 X 8 inches. (DO NOT let any of your design touch or go outside this line, or it will not be seen.)
  • Fabric should be 100% woven cotton (any color). Never use knits.
  • When transferring photos to fabric, always use pre-washed, bleached, high quality muslin that has a tight weave. This keeps the color and print very clear.
  • Be creative! 

If you cannot bring your quilt square to the Donor Family Recognition Ceremony in April, please send finished quilt squares to: 
Attention: Beth Cameron
Manager of Family Services Aftercare
701 Aldersgate Rd., Suite 4
Little Rock, AR 72205

Please feel free to call with any questions: 501-907-9150 or toll-free 866-660-5433 or email