What We Do and Why

ARORA is a team of nurses, physicians, medical technicians, social workers and administrators orchestrating the amazing medical miracle of the recovery of organs, tissue and eyes for transplantation.

For hundreds of organ transplant recipients each year, ARORA is a bridge to new life. For thousands of tissue transplant recipients every year, ARORA is an agent of restored sight, mobility, ability and freedom from pain. And for the families of thousands of organ and tissue donors, ARORA is an agent of healing and meaning.

We hope you and your loved ones are never confronted with the need for organ donation or transplantation. But if you are, we want you to know there’s an entire team of passionate, tenacious, disciplined experts standing by for you and yours. We are ARORA. We restore lives

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Since 1988, more than 860,000 transplants of all organs have been performed across the United States, and effectiveness just keeps improving. 

Over the past years each type of transplant has seen not only more procedures performed, but has continually improved outcomes for patients as well.

Make Lifesaving Transplants Possible

Become a Donor

People of any age, ethnicity, country of origin or health status can register to become an organ and tissue donor. 

Arkansas Transplant Programs

There are three organ transplant centers in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Performs heart and kidney transplants

Performs heart transplants

Performs kidney and liver transplants