Today, thousands of patients are on a waiting list for a kidney, heart, liver or other vital organs; and every 16 minutes a person is added to this list. By registering to become an organ and tissue donor, you can save the lives of up to 8 people, and positively impact hundreds more. Ready to access the power of 8? Register to become an organ and tissue donor. It’s simple to do, takes minutes and can be done right now by clicking the button above.

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Heroic Stories

Yolanda Harshaw

Yolanda Harshaw was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, heart disease. She went on the transplant list on December 24th, 2014. The next day, Yolanda received the greatest Christmas gift from Melissa Owen, a complete stranger. Without her heart transplant, she wouldn’t be with us today.

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Anthony Freeman

Anthony Freeman was just 15 when he was diagnosed with end stage renal failure after suffering an injury during a football game. Anthony waited for a kidney transplant for 7 years. Today, thanks to his transplant, Anthony is more active than ever, competing in track & field at UALR and Team Arkansas in the Transplant Games

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Rebecca Godoy

Rebecca Godoy received a liver in 2015. Although she hasn’t met her donor family, she is learning English so when she does, she will be able to say thank you. Today, she volunteers with ARORA to help educate Arkansans about the importance of organ donation registration and how the transplant saved her life.

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