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Finding Strength Through Support

For many families, the decision to donate organs and tissue helps create meaning from an otherwise heartbreaking, tragic or senseless death.

The ARORA Aftercare Team is committed to providing continued support and services to families following donation. This care continues as long as the family desires it and is often the catalyst for lifelong relationships with other donor families. If desired by both parties, ARORA helps bring together recipients and donor families, which can create a profound connection and opportunities for healing.

ARORA Donor Family


At ARORA, we want to continue to provide donor families with the most helpful and meaningful programs and services. By taking this survey, you provide us valuable feedback for enhancing future support efforts.

Supporting Hope And Healing

Family Resources

Our work extends years beyond the donation event itself to continue the emotional care for our donor families.

Arkansas Donor Family Quilt

Each square is dedicated to someone who gave the Gift of Life.

Arkansas Donor Family Council

Supporting donor families and promoting donation awareness.

Guide to Letter Writing

Support for writing letters to loved ones’ transplant recipients

RadiEight Podcast

Hear voices of hope, inspiration and healing on our podcast

RadiEight Podcast

Hear voices of hope, inspiration and healing on our podcast

Stories Of Life Restored

Donors and their donor families are the true heroes in this story of transformation and restoration through transplantation.

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