LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (September 2, 2022) – ARORA, Arkansas’s largest organ procurement organization, unveiled its donor registration swipe technology kiosks at two locations within the Laman Library system in North Little Rock. 

The donor registration kiosks were installed in the primary Laman Library location as well as the Argenta Branch, marking the tenth and eleventh kiosks installed across the state. The technology enables Arkansans to register to become an organ, tissue and eye donor onsite in less than ten seconds.

 “We are optimistic that the kiosk will increase visibility and bring awareness to organ and tissue donation, and the ease and convenience of the technology will have a direct impact on increasing donor registration,” said Audrey Coleman, Director of Communications of ARORA. 

The donor registration swipe technology registers individuals as donors with a simple scan of an individual’s driver’s license. The scan auto-populates the preprogrammed fields with the registrant’s required information, including name, address and birth date. After the registrant verifies his/her information and accepts the terms, the record is immediately added to the Arkansas Donor Registry. 

In Arkansas, 64% of adults are registered organ, tissue and eye donors which is well above the U.S. average of 56%. Today, there are currently more than 106,000 people waiting for a life-saving organ transplant; 300 of those waiting are here in Arkansas. Every ten minutes, another person is added, and every day, 17 people die waiting for an organ that isn’t available.



ARORA was established in 1987 as a nonprofit, independent organ procurement agency. Serving 64 counties across the state, ARORA is headquartered in Little Rock and has a satellite office in northwest Arkansas. ARORA’s mission is to restore lives through the recovery of organs and tissues for transplant. For more information, visit