RadiEight is a podcast from ARORA that focuses on sharing donor and recipient stories of organ, tissue and eye donation — to share the importance of registering to become an organ, tissue and eye donor. With over 114,000 Americans currently waiting for a life saving transplant, awareness about the life restoring gifts of organ, tissue and eye donation is important. You can help by registering to become a donor at arora.org/donatelife. Subscribe to RadiEight by clicking the links below or wherever you listen to podcasts and sharing it with your family and friends.

Episode #22: The realities of dialysis and life on the organ waiting list

Busy working mom JaJuan Chantele Williams speaks to RadiEight host Audrey Coleman about living with difficult diagnoses, dialysis, and being on the kidney transplant waiting list.

Episode #21: Grief Yoga as a tool for transformative healing

Host Audrey Coleman interviews Jeana Jucha, family aftercare coordinator at ARORA and certified Grief Yoga teacher. Jeana shares how the tools of yoga and meditation can be used as fuel for transformative healing.

Whittney Edwards as a child

Episode #20: Kidney recipient Whittney Edwards

Doctors told young Whittney’s mom that she had a 7% chance of recovery from an aggressive E-coli infection, but Whittney beat the odds. While she recovered from the infection, her kidneys were badly damaged, so she spent the early years of her life in dialysis three times a week at Arkansas Children’s. A transplant at age 8 changed her life, and now she is a healthy adult. Host Audrey Coleman speaks to Whittney about her experience.

Dr. Teri Cox

RadiEight replay: Grief, Gratitude and the Holidays

This month’s podcast is a replay of host Audrey Coleman’s November 2020 interview with Dr. Teri Cox of Cox Consulting. The holidays can be a tough time for those who’ve lost a loved one. Dr. Cox talks about gratitude and giving thanks and how organ donor families and recipients can work through grief.

Podcast #19: Pete Radigan

Host Audrey Coleman interviews heart transplant recipient and author Pete Radigan. Pete was in end-stage heart failure and was unsure whether he would live before receiving a transplant. His book, “Tragedy to Triumph — The Story of Tom’s Heart,” was co-authored with Janet Mauk, the mother of his donor. It tells the donor family’s story of finding purpose through organ and tissue donations following tragic loss, and the recipients’ story of finding hope for a new life.

Podcast #18: Greg Adams

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Bereavement specialist Greg Adams, a social worker at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, discusses his professional and personal experience with suicide.

Podcast #17: Bobby Walker

Host Audrey Coleman interviews Bobby Walker. Several years ago, Bobby experienced a fall through a glass table that could have cost him his life. Instead, the fall likely saved his life. While treating his injuries, doctors found something that might not have otherwise come to light. Bobby‘s kidneys were failing, and he was in need of a transplant.

Podcast #16: Heather Prutzman

Heather Prutzman lost her only son Joseph Savage in a motor vehicle accident in 2017. A generous spirit in life, Joey’s kindness lives on through his organ, tissue and eye donation. His gift has touched 120 additional lives, with Heather herself becoming one of his recipients in 2019.

Podcast #14: Lynn Davis

Lynn Davis of Texarkana, Texas, lived with Type 1 diabetes for 26 years. Five years ago, in January 2016, Lynn received a kidney/pancreas transplant to replace her own failing organs. Listen here to her story of restored life, made possible through organ and tissue donation.

Podcast #13: Tammy Sisemore

Tammy Sisemore shares the story of her son, Robbie, who passed away from injuries sustained in an automobile accident. Tune in to learn about Tammy’s journey from unimaginable tragedy to unrelenting advocate for organ and tissue registration.

Podcast #12: Charliene Raines

March is National Kidney Month. Listen as podcast guest Charliene Raines shares the story of her husband who is the recipient of two kidney transplants.

Podcast #11: Carolyn Berry

This month’s podcast guest is Carolyn Berry, a two-time heart recipient and a champion for organ, tissue and eye donation. You will be inspired by her story.

Podcast #10: Brandi Turner & Michael Wright

Join us for an exciting look at the workings of ARORA. We interview Brandi Turner, our Donation Data Specialist and Michael Wright, our Family Hospital Liaison as they give us insight into the intricacies of the organ process and break some of the myths of organ, tissue and eye donation.

Podcast #9: Paul Owen & Yolanda Harshaw

On December 25th, 2014 Yolanda Harshaw received the greatest Christmas gift, a heart, from Melissa Owen. On this episode Yolanda and Paul, Melissa’s father, discuss this gift and the incredible link its created between these two families.

Podcast #8: Dr. Teri Cox

The holidays can be a tough time for those who’ve lost a loved one. Dr. Teri Cox of Cox Consulting talks about gratitude and giving thanks and how organ donor families and recipients can work through grief.

Podcast #7: Reverend Lavon Post on National Donor Sabbath

Audrey discusses the important role the religious community plays in education and dispelling myths around organ, tissue and eye donation with Pastor LaVon Post. With National Donor Sabbath approaching find out how the community of faith is making a difference.

Podcast #6: Myc Scott, Stacy Robinson, Paul Owen and Dean Hicks

This month’s podcast features Myc Scott and Stacy Robinson of ARORA. They talk about DMV Appreciation Month, ways to register to become an organ donor, and their role for ARORA. ARORA volunteers Paul Owen and Dean Hicks also stop by to talk about their experience in working with DMVs.

Podcast #5: Beth Cameron

This month’s guest is Beth Cameron, ARORA Manager of Family Aftercare.  She talks about why she is passionate about organ, tissue and eye donation. She also discusses the powerful, healing role ARORA plays in the lives of donor families and what resources the Aftercare team provides.

Podcast #4: Krista Belin

This month’s podcast guest is Krista Belin. She talks about Lane, her grandson she raised, and their decision to allow him to live on through the gift of tissue transplantation.

Podcast #3: Anthony Freeman

This month’s podcast guest is Anthony Freeman. He was just 15 when he was diagnosed with end stage renal failure. Anthony waited for a kidney transplant for 7 years. He shares his story about how his diagnosis affected his outlook on life and his athletic career.

Podcast #2: Samantha and Jill Johnson

Our second guests are Samantha Johnson, a heart recipient, and her mother Jill. Samantha received a heart when she was just 6 weeks old. Samantha and Jill talk about how Samantha’s gift has affected their lives, their faith and their outlook on life.

Podcast #1: Paul Owen

Our first guest is Paul Owen, a donor dad, whose daughter, Melissa, passed away over four years ago. Her heart recipient is Yolanda Harshaw. The families have connected and remain in each other’s lives. During the podcast, Owen tells about his family’s tragedy and how that tragedy became Harshaw’s miracle.