RadiEight is a podcast from ARORA that focuses on sharing donor and recipient stories of organ, tissue and eye donation — to share the importance of registering to become an organ, tissue and eye donor. With over 114,000 Americans currently waiting for a life saving transplant, awareness about the life restoring gifts of organ, tissue and eye donation is important. You can help by registering to become a donor at donatelifearkansas.org. Subscribe to RadiEight by clicking the links below or wherever you listen to podcasts and sharing it with your family and friends.

Podcast #6: Myc Scott, Stacy Robinson, Paul Owen and Dean Hicks

This month’s podcast features Myc Scott and Stacy Robinson of ARORA. They talk about DMV Appreciation Month, ways to register to become an organ donor, and their role for ARORA. ARORA volunteers Paul Owen and Dean Hicks also stop by to talk about their experience in working with DMVs.

Podcast #5: Beth Cameron

This month’s guest is Beth Cameron, ARORA Manager of Family Aftercare.  She talks about why she is passionate about organ, tissue and eye donation. She also discusses the powerful, healing role ARORA plays in the lives of donor families and what resources the Aftercare team provides.

Podcast #4: Krista Belin

This month’s podcast guest is Krista Belin. She talks about Lane, her grandson she raised, and their decision to allow him to live on through the gift of tissue transplantation. 

Podcast #3: Anthony Freeman

This month’s podcast guest is Anthony Freeman. He was just 15 when he was diagnosed with end stage renal failure. Anthony waited for a kidney transplant for 7 years. He shares his story about how his diagnosis affected his outlook on life and his athletic career.

Podcast #2: Samantha and Jill Johnson

Our second guests are Samantha Johnson, a heart recipient, and her mother Jill. Samantha received a heart when she was just 6 weeks old. Samantha and Jill talk about how Samantha’s gift has affected their lives, their faith and their outlook on life. 

Podcast #1: Paul Owen

Our first guest is Paul Owen, a donor dad, whose daughter, Melissa, passed away over four years ago. Her heart recipient is Yolanda Harshaw. The families have connected and remain in each other’s lives. During the podcast, Owen tells about his family’s tragedy and how that tragedy became Harshaw’s miracle.