April is “Donate Life” month where ARORA and its partners come together to celebrate registered organ donors and their impact on Arkansans. There are nearly 300 people in Arkansas who are waiting to receive a life-changing organ or tissue donation, yet only 65 percent of Arkansans are registered as organ and tissue donors. 

Even in the case of tragic accidents, registered organ donors can provide the hope of a better life for those waiting transplants. Recently, Eddie and Barbara Enloe shared their story of losing their daughter Lucy in a tragic accident. 

Lucy Enloe’s life ended in an unexpected automobile collision but Lucy’s registration as an organ donor allowed all eight of her major organs, as well as corneas and skin tissue to be recovered. These organs went on to several Arkansans in need, helping one person with cystic fibrosis. To read more about Lucy’s legacy as an organ donor as well as the work of ARORA, see this article: https://katv.com/news/local/central-arkansas-couple-encourages-others-to-become-organ-donors-in-daughters-honor